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What's a Fair Wage for My Employees?

What's a Fair Wage for My Employees?

November 28, 2014

Our office gets questions from local businesses about wages and salaries every year.  Companies want to compensate their employees fairly and often wonder what the going rate is for machinists, nurses, truck drivers, and other occupations. 

If you want to know what the average wages (or salaries) are for particular positions in Yakima County look no further.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics does an annual wage survey every year and posts wages for hundreds of occupations in Yakima County.  In addition to mean and median wage rates for certain jobs, the website also identifies the number of local employees in in each occupation

Knowing wage rates is helpful for both entrepreneurs and established businesses.  The sample below shows the overall statistics for a computer programmer. When you are on the website, if you click on that job, it will take you to even more detailed information about computer programmers, including national estimates, types of industries jobs are available, what states pay the most and which industries have the highest paying positions in the field. 

Click here  to get 2013 wage estimates for Yakima County.

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