Yakima County Development Association - Backoffice Services

Backoffice Services

Costco, Med Assets, and the Wilkinson Corporation are all taking advantage of  the Yakima region's favorable environment for backoffice operations.  The region's skilled labor force and local training institutions provide the critical talent this industry needs to thrive.  Along with great talent pool, Yakima County's attractive real estate options, beefy telecommunications infrastructure, and relatively low operating costs make it a smart choice for expanding backoffice companies.  To get our Business and Professional Services industry packet click here.

Competitive Advantages

  • The region enjoys a high quality available workforce – over 80,000 workers live within 15 minutes of Yakima. The metro area is a relatively untapped community for backoffice employers. Current call center employment represents 0.15% of labor force.
  • Well developed cadre of workers and managers as a result of previous call center operations (ex. Whirlpool).
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure – digital switches, fiber-based service, long distance POP’s


Business and Professional Services Firms

Arvato Digital Services Yakima Inbound Customer Service Center
Costco Corporation Yakima Inbound Customer Service Center
Med Assets Yakima Medical Coding & Claim Center
Wilkinson Corporation Yakima Real Estate Investments


 Business and Professional Services Supporting Companies

CenturyLink Communications Yakima Telecommunications & Internet
FairPoint Communications Selah Telecommunications & Internet
Integra Telecom Yakima Telecommunications & Internet
Alliant Communications Yakima Computer/Telephone Equipment & Networking
Parsec Computer Corporation Yakima Computers and Networking
Automat Vending Company Yakima Vending Machines/Food Service Support
Cintas Yakima Facility Services & Supplies
Intermountain Cleaning Service Yakima Janitorial Service
MSI Construction Yakima General Contractor / experience in call center TI's


Employment & Wage Data

First Line Supervisors - Office/Administrative Support 720 $24.21
Human Resource Manager 50 $44.24
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing 1,180 $17.85
Payroll/Timekeeping Clerk 150 $18.20
Office Clerk, General 1,200 $14.79
Training & Development Specialists 30 $27.31
Network and Computer Systems Administrators 110 $30.95
Customer Service Representatives 780 $14.94
Telemarketers N/A $12.25
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, August 2013







"Our fixed overhead, land & buildings, is 20 to 30% cheaper than Seattle or Spokane." - Gary Christensen, President, R.E. Powell Distributing