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Food Processing

Fruit juice, canned asparagus, potato chips, wine, and dairy products.  Our cornucopia of agricultural products combined with well-developed supplier networks, an energetic labor force, and pro-business communities create an ideal climate for agriculture and food processing operations. 

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Competitive Advantages

  • Yakima County’s access to high quality farm products make it an excellent location for food processing operations. The region grows 39 commodities and has the largest concentration of farm animals in the Pacific Northwest United States (Yakima County the 12th largest agricultural producing county in the nation).
  • The region’s extensive supplier network (trucking, metal fabrication, packaging, etc.) can capably support new or expanding food processing companies.
  • Intermodal transportation options and access to foreign markets through the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma provide farmers and food processors cost effective logistics.


Food Processing Firms

Seneca Foods Yakima Apple/Potato Chips
AB Foods/Washington Beef Toppenish Beef Processing
Del Monte Foods Yakima/Toppenish Cannery
Snokist Growers Yakima Cannery
Fruitsmart Grandview Juice Concentrates, purees, essences & ingrediants
Darigold/West Farm Foods Sunnyside Cheese/Powdered Milk
John I. Haas Yakima Hops Extract
Labbeemint, Inc. White Swan Flavoring Extract/Mint
Valley Processing, Inc. Sunnyside Fruit Concentrate
Tree Top, Inc. Selah Fruit Concentrate/Juices
SunRype Selah Fruit Concentrate/Juices/Bars
Shonan, Inc. Grandview Fruit/Vegetable Concentrate
Naumes Concentrates Wapato Fruit Concentrate/Juices
Yakima Chief Sunnyside Hops Extract
JM Smuckers Grandview Jellies & Jams
Welch's Grandview Juice & Jellies


Agricultural Suppliers

International Paper Yakima Corrugated Containers
Longview Fibre Paper & Packaging Yakima Corrugated Containers
Shields Bag & Printing Yakima Flexible Packaging
Pape' Material Handling Yakima Forklifts & Material Moving Equipment
Haney Truck Lines Yakima Freight/Transportation
Noel Transportation Yakima Freight/Transportation
Oak Harbor Freight Lines Yakima Freight/Transportation
Pace International Wapato Fruit/Veggie Cleaning & Preserving Chemicals
Graham Packaging Selah Molded Plastic Bottles
Marq Packaging Yakima Packaging Machinery
Sims Manufacturing Yakima Packaging Machinery
Sonoco Products Wapato Plastic Drums & Packaging
Silgan Containers Toppenish Steel Cans
ASAP Metal Fabricators Yakima Welding
NEPA Pallet & Container Yakima Wood Pallets & Bins
Yakima Specialties
Yakima Wood Pallets


Employment & Wage Data

Industrial Production Manager 90 $37.65
First Line Supervisors - Production 570 $22.56
Human Resource Manager 50 $44.24
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing 1,180 $17.85
Payroll/Timekeeping Clerks 150 $18.20
Office Clerk, General 1,200 $14.79
Industrial Machinery Mechanics 280 $23.24
Food Batchmakers 8 $14.74
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, and Weighers 310 $14.62
Packaging and Filling Machine Operators 850 $12.03
Helpers - Production Workers 410 $12.08
Truck Drivers - Tractor Trailer 1,340 $16.54
Forklift/Ind Truck Operators 1,070 $14.16
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, August 2013


"There's tremendous untapped potential in Yakima; there's also tremendous room for expansion - you're not constrained with respect to land. " - Robert Wallace, CEO, Wallace Properties