Yakima County Development Association - Employers in the Yakima Valley


This section contains useful information and links for Yakima Valley employers and for Job Seekers to find more information about local employers. Use the links below to navigate to each page of this section for details. 

Post Jobs - Links to job boards for posting career opportunities in the Yakima Valley.

Review Resumes - Review resumes on job boards to find the right candidate for your job opening.

Employment Agencies - Find employment agencies focused on helping you find the right talent.

Top Employers - More info about the major employers in the Yakima Valley.

Other Resources - Other helpful links to information and local organizations to help your business.

"Our company faces challenges when recruiting for high level and technical employees. Having the liveyakimavalley.com website is an excellent new resource in selling our potential candidates on the benefits of working and living in our wonderful community!" - Debbie Byrd, HR Coordinator, GE Aviation