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ACTNOW Human Resources & Development
Elwood Staffing
Central Washington WorkSource

There are several private employment agencies that serve the Yakima Valley.    These firms provide temporary and permanent employees based on employer needs.  In some cases these private employment agencies can provide skill training for job seekers interested in specific jobs or occupations. 

In addition to these private employment agencies, Washington State and the South Central Workforce Council operate three WorkSource centers in Yakima County.  WorkSource centers help employers publicize job openings and screen potential applicants.  These center also help job seekers connect with specific job openings or training opportunities. 

"New Vision has been a great partner for our business as we continue to grow in Yakima County. They helped us finish another expan-sion project recently and have instrumentally helped us grow from 20 to 200 employees in Yakima County." - Doug Christie, Amtech Corporation