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Job Search Tips

Managing through job changes and layoffs

If you have recently lost your job or are going through a career change, the links below offer practical advice on what you can do to protect yourself and make a purposeful transition:

Developing Resumes

An up-to-date resume is an essential tool for advancing your career or finding a job.  The links below provide information on developing or refining your resume as well as suggestions for getting your resume noticed.

Writing Effective Cover Letters

Good cover letters are an essential part of highlighting your experience and making your resume stand out.  The following links provide tips for these introductory letters:

Job Interviews

Putting your best foot forward in job interviews requires planning and execution.  The links below can help you overcome jitters, make a great first impression, and sell yourself effectively during interviews.

Other Resources

"One of our advantages is that our labor force has lower turnover which reduces our overall costs. " - Terry Bliesner, Vice President, Valley Processing